How to name classes for a multi-lingual website in Webflow?

Hey guys, so we are developing a website in English and Arabic

And we are going the route of duplicating pages for the other language. Weglot isn’t the best route yet, unfortunately.

Now when I come to naming my classes, how should I name them for different languages?

Should I add a combo class like,
Feature-section arabic

Or duplicate the classes and rename it,

Thanks for the assist :slight_smile:

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hi @AliSaeed you should thing about what is difference between combo and new class. What I mean is that combo is related to parent. Correct? What will be design look like when you will translate site to Japanese? What I mean is that text content will be not only different in size (length) and LR read direction but also in Japanese from top to bottom.

This mean that Parent element will need completely new design to accommodate text content. So in short IMO in this situation to make your life easier a new design for arabic === new class.

Different situation will be when page will be translated to latin alphabet as length of content and reading direction will be more or less identical and in this case to make a small adjustments to fit content a combo will be more suitable solution.

m2c :wink: