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How to move navbar hamburger menu to center on mobile portrait layout?

Hi folks - probably a silly newbie question, but how do I move the hamburger menu to the center of my design when I’m in mobile portrait layout? I have been struggggggling customizing that navbar.

Here’s what it looks like currently:


Here’s my site link in case anyone wants to take a peek: LINK

I put the different elements in their own divs in their own columns - was that the right way to go about this to get things to be where I want them? (i.e. for all three layout modes other than the last mobile portrait layout, I wanted the logo to be left aligned to the browser, the biz name to be centered, and the hamburger menu to be right aligned to the browser edge.)

Thanks in advance!

Hi @KPMT Just turn off float in your hamburger menu element


hope this helps :slight_smile:

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@PixelGeek - ahhh, magic! Thank you for the super speedy reply! I knew it was probably something ridiculously simple - I appreciate the help! :slight_smile:

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