How to modify only the mobile version

Hey guys,

I need some help to only modify the mobile phone design. Let me explain (and show you, link at the end of the message)

I like the design on the website screen… However it doesn’t fit with the tablet and mobile phone screens. Do you know how to proceed to take off design elements such as the circles and the lines from the mobile version without impacting the web version ?

Thank you for your help ! :slight_smile:


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Hi Camille,

I recommend you take a look at the Webflow University’s lesson on breakpoints. That’s exactly the feature it sounds like you’re looking for. For a very quick rundown, though…

image These buttons at the top of the designer are your breakpoints. You have Desktop, Tablet, Mobile landscape, and Mobile portrait. When you click on another breakpoint, you are only modifying the design for that breakpoint and any below it. So, if you clicked on the Tablet breakpoint, and made a change to an element’s style, it would still look the same on desktop, but reflect the new changes on Tablet, Mobile landscape, and Mobile portrait.

Hope this helps!