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How to modify code of an embebed form of Jotform

I will use in one of my projects a form from jotform. I need to do a change in the code in order to add a functionality. In this link you can find the indications of the jotform support. Is it possible to do that when my project is in webflow? How do i implement it? Thank you

I am modifying the code of jotform and pasting it in the embebed code widget of webflow directly, but it says that code can not excide 10.000 characters ( I have 14.942 without blanks and 17.688 with blanks).
What could i do? Could someone help me?
Thanks in advance

Hi @ear,

We do not provide support for modifying third-party code, could you kindly contact jotform and explain your issue? Thanks!

You could also try this How to host text files on Github

Hi Samliew,
thanks for your answer but not looking for help to modify the code. That is done. I asked to support of webflow what should i do and they answered that using the embebed code widget but it did not work. My question is what do i do with the modified code in webflow. Is the link you send me for that? Thanks

That is for hosting files elsewhere and including it inside your project.