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How to map Korg Nano Kontrol v2 to Designer Style Editor?

I got Korg Nano Kontrol v2.

How do I assign buttons sliders knobs to CSS Style editor inside of designer?

Edit Update:

Basically, how do I use this:

to Control This:

Can you provide example? For example I do Python Scripts to control music programs. I don’t know how in browser. I am curious what easy way to Map to Webflow CSS Style Editor in chrome from Hardware controller.

Chrome Supports MIDI and I have had success using MIDI on Chrome App store apps.

I am looking for a way to override existing controllers. Or is it only dependent n the App developer?

Apologies, I didn’t realize you meant a hardware tool. I’m not exactly sure about this - does it come with a manual for use with a PC?

Yes. It’s natively supported in DAW programs. I want to know how to control Webflow Style Editor Perams inside Chrome Browser, since Chrome recognizes the device.

Based on, it might be possible to write an extension/userscript to interface the MIDI hardware and Webflow designer using the specifications here

I won’t be able to do this however, as I do not have the device you mentioned.

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