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How to manage website when attaching new domain?

I already registered plant website and buy domain new. How to manage as this person’s website? transfer

While the two favicons are different, how can I do this on a webflow project?

Hi @nguyenvanchinh,

are those different projects? or are they the same?

Because it seems they were duplicated.

Thanks for responding to me. The old url from house-family.webflow has redirected to
For example:

I tried to do the same thing, but when the new article was published, there was a redirect error.

HI @nguyenvanchinh , but is the domain connected to Webflow hosting services? Or you are redirecting the domain to the Webflow one?

Yes, my new domain is connected to the webflow hosting service, I tried redirecting and was successful. But updating an article on a new domain and publishing it on a new domain will result in all riderect errors —>

Is there a way to manage between my and pages without previous redirection impact?

You need to do it on the DNS of the domain, and remove everything else on Webflo. Could you share the DNS of the domains?

You can write me on private if you are not comfortable sharing in public.

Thank you, I will capture all my steps and send them to you. If anything goes wrong, please show me.