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How to manage webflow site after already hosted on Wordpress

Hey guys, after you already created the site in Webflow and the client would like it on Wordpress, how you make design or edit changes in the future ? Would you re-export the Webflow site again ? Thanks

Hi, If you use Udesly adapter, there’s an editor with limited editing capabilities though (best contacting them to check that).
Otherwise, I guess you would have to treat it as a theme and use versioning, so I guess you’d have to reexport and upload the new theme each time.
Not entirely sure though, never done it yet. Someone, plz correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah I think that’s the best bet. Also if the website uses a blog, would have to export all of the blog posts, upload the new theme again and then import the blog posts that were originally there so it doesn’t overwrite. Interesting.