How to manage QR code in form?

How do I create a cell in a form for scanning QR code>
after scanning, the data from the QR
will appear in the cell for submission?

you will need something like html5-qrcode

good luck


Yes, it is possible to create a custom form. For instance, you may upload a product with its name, description, and other details, and you can type or scan a barcode to get the product ID.If you’re not sure how to accomplish it, check it out here!

To create a form cell for scanning QR codes and submitting the data:

  1. Use an HTML form with an input field.
  2. Integrate a QR code scanning library like html5-qrcode or Instascan.
  3. Configure the scanner to populate the input field with the scanned data.
    I hope this will help you,
    Thank you