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How to make Z index clickable?

Hi, I want to make a home page that slides down to show the about page.
When you click on the about button, the home page starts to slide down 900px on Y axis.

The problem is that the page is not clickable because of the Z index -1.
I need it clickable to hide and slide up the home page again.
Is there away to have it clickable again?

Link to the website here :

Hi, I had a little look and my question is why do you need the ABOUT section to have a z-index of -1? It works just fine if you leave it at 0 and give HOME section position: relative.
Then I looked at your up-down animation as well, make sure you choose to animate ‘All elements with this class’ HOME, instead of class that is a parent, because when you’re inside the ABOUT element that ‘X’ symbol doesn’t have the parent of HOME. Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 12.06.10
Then the last note - for the animation called ‘Up’ make sure you don’t set two values, instead just one that positions the HOME back to 0 on the Y-axis.

Hope this helps, I think it works on my version as you’ve intended.

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You are the best @katjass !! Works really well :pray:
Thank you for taking the time, it really helps.

Glad to hear it worked out!