How to make x axis move responsive


Very new to Webflow, I’m trying to create a movement of a div block so that it moves x amount of pixels to the left, but when scaling up it won’t move to the correct place. I tried using % instead of px but it still doesn’t move all the way.

Attaching a screenshot for reference, so what I’m trying to get to work when scaling up is that the div block with 01 moves all the way to the left, which works when on 1440p (where I design) but as soon as I go past 1440 it leaves an empty space between the div block all the way to the left and the one I’m trying to move. Hopefully I make sense, anyone has any idea how to approach it?

Read only link,

Also, if you spot anything else that could be done differently I’d appreciate the help. :slight_smile:

Still trying to figure this out, anyone has any idea what I’m doing wrong?