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How to make the slider fill up the section?

How can I make the sliders and the elements inside of them (video embeds and images) on this page fill up vertically the section in which they’re placed?

Hey @LaurentCardinal can you active and post here your troubleshooting link so we can see how you have it set up?

Add jQuery code that will count the size of window and the size of the window-header-footer etc. I’ve already done it before on this forum. You can look here: and that’s just an example. Use search on this forum for more info + tutorials :))

Here’s the link @thesergie

I’m still not understanding exactly what you want to do. Why not just remove the padding in the sections so the fills the whole vertical space of the section. If you want them to fill the whole space of the section, you can drop a slider right into a section.

Also note that videos and images are constrained by their proportions.

@thesergie this is what I get when supress all padding inside all elements. I still get a little bit of space before the next section.

Anything I’m doing wrong?

Seems like you still have some padding on your section:


Hmmm, I changed that some time ago. Heres my settings right now for all the elements inside the container, and I still get that 1px padding on the bottom… @thesergie

Ahhh it’s Line height set by the body that’s affecting the embed. Try to select the embed and give it a line-height of 0. There must be some text inside of the embed that is being pushed to the bottom of the embed or something.

Have you tried to use Video widget instead of the embed for videos? Embed’s are not responsive compared to the video widgets.

Edit: I see that you are using the Embed instead of Video widget to remove titles and such. If you are the owner of the video on Vimeo you can remove the title and description in Vimeo’s embed settings.

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Yes, but I want to get rid of the byline, portrait and other stuff, and I have to use the embed in that case. I just commented on another thread about this exact issue! But Ill try to play with the URL of the video like one user suggested. Thanks for the tip @thesergie

@thesergie btw I resolved the issue by giving the embed a line-height of the exact height of the video (360px). But now I dont even like the way it looks :frowning: I might just re-add the padding again damnit…

Haha. I liked it with the padding too.