How to make the footer slide from underneath

I’ve been playing about with the new Tuscon Doe template, and began creating a new site. Here’s the read only.

However, I need to copy it across to a new plan as I can’t have the e-commerce functionality. Here’s what I have so far, and here’s the read only for this one.

You’ll notice on the first links above, the footer works as it should. It appears ‘underneath’ the main content as you reach the bottom of the page. However, with the new version I’m working on, it doesn’t appear to be working and frequently glitches as you scroll.

I can’t seem to figure out what I’ve done wrong. Would appreciate if anyone could take a look and let me know where I’m making a mistake.

Thanks ~ Gareth

Just checking if anyone has any thoughts on this? I’ve still not been able to figure this one out and I’m guessing I am missing something obvious.

Thanks in advance ~ Gareth

HI @gkt I can’t see any issues on link you have posted as footer is underneath main content (desktop version) and there aren’t any glitches either. Did you already fixed it ?

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Thanks for the response @Stan.

Strangely it appears fixed for me too. Perhaps it was a caching issue. I noticed on the site I’m copying from (the first couple of links I shared) there are page interactions which don’t appear to be applied to any class. I wasn’t sure if they were playing a role somehow, but couldn’t figure out a way to replicate them.