How to make text box larger to fix the whole div box area

I have a textbox inside a div block with that does an interaction. So when I attached the interaction to the text box when you hover over the image only that area is working so the area outside the textbox within that image the interaction doesn’t respond.
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So I want to know how to make the text box bigger so it can get the whole image inside the div block. So when I hover at the corner of the image the interaction will work.


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Hi @Pauline_S_McNaughton, thanks for the link to the published site, could you also share the read-only link to the site design?

Hi @cyberdave,

Hi @PixelGeek @magicmark @cyberdave & @webflow

Can anyone help me fix this issue for the text box?

Thank you!

Give the heading these settings:



You don’t need the positioning that you have set as it’s adding margin around the text. Make the text box full, but without any padding… or you can add the interaction to the overlay div as in the previous video I shared with you, when setting the interaction for hover.


Thank you so much!!! :smile:

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