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How to make Smaller Slider Nav Arrows for mobile

I really appreciate that you guys integrated the slider feature.
But could you provide a solution where the Nav arrows are bottom right for the mobile views?

Hi @PhillipB, you can totally do this by messing with the absolute positioning on Phone devices. Like so:

Right arrow wrapper block:

Left arrow wrapper block:

@thesergie, thanks for the tip.

I also was hopeful to get the navigation arrows at the centre bottom with the slide nav in the middle. I could not figure that out.

I wish there was a way to configure the Slide Nav colors in addition to the background which is easy to do.

I’m not sure what you’re getting at. Do you mean having the left arrow on the bottom left, right arrow on the bottom right and nav circles in the middle?

Yes, @thesergie.
something like: < oooooo >

Oh I gotcha. In that case I would set the left arrow to have absolute position with these settings:


Which means “off the bottom - 0px”, “off the left - 0px” and the rest auto. Which means it will stick to the bottom left of the slider block. Does that make sense?

Oh and yes, currently the Nav circle colors are not editable, but we will make them editable in the next release slider update!

thanks! It works…