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How to make scroll in Horizontal mobile view

I have designed a few sites they just dont scroll in horizontal phone view - its just cuts off after 100VH, and I cant set width in % caus is graded out and set to auto.
How to make it Scroll on horizontal mobile view if desktop version set on 100 vh?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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You mean:

You set the section to 100vh, then on mobile portrait it’s fine, but when phone is tilted to landscape the scrolling stops working?

yes, i ment that. And I was going to set widths in % but usually is graded out and is auto.

Send your read-only link and I’ll take a quick look.

  1. But try using flex expand instead of 100vh, etc. Let the content flow before css styling and get an idea of the content flow.

  2. Set the section to block. Then try using the VH for the margins instead for sizing.

Give that a try and see.

Ill try flex, (cz all sections in block are already set) but all design gets messed up in flex - its like building from scratch again.