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How to make page NOT responsive at smaller breakpoints

Is there any way to make a page NOT responsive at smaller breakpoints? I have a lot going on (background videos, etc) in a portfolio project that just isn’t feasible for making responsive. I’d rather it just be small than look terrible (everything collapsing on everything else). I don’t necessarily want everything desktop view, but just tablet view for mobile landscape and maybe mobile portrait.

I saw on a previous thread instructions for setting the minimum width of a container to be the larger view, but that setting is locked for me. Is there an option someplace for unlocking that?

Any other way to make a page not responsive?

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Hi @Joel, thanks for your post and welcome.

You can try to use just a regular div block instead of Container which has a pre-styled width of 960px.

Using a div, if you want to have tablet and lower set to a minimum width, you could for example set that to 991px which is where Tablet view starts:

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Note that when you have a div which is wider than the viewport, unless the parent element to the div is set to overflow hidden, the extra wide div on small devices will cause overflow and horizontal scroll on the page.

Learn more about Overflow here: Overflow: hidden | Webflow University

Webflow is a responsive tool, so all default styles are styled responsively by default, but you can do things like setting min width or width with fixed widths.

I hope this helps