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How to make or integrate a 'shop the look' function like in Instagram to Webflow Ecommerce

Hi, Webflow Community!

I was wondering if any of you know of a way where I can integrate a ‘shop the look’ functionality (like in Instagram) to my Webflow Ecommerce? Is there a plugin or API for that? Or can anyone share resources on where I can learn to make this from scratch, preferably with simple custom code?

This is for a fashion client project where they want to tag products seen on banner images or videos featured within the site. The products can either link out to external shops or internally hosted on the same Webflow site. But this is different from just showing related products at the bottom of the page. They’re particular with the hover or tap interaction which shows the products as seen on the image/video. I know I’ve seen a plugin (not from Shopify) before but I just can’t remember where!

Any input on shoppable feeds or social commerce would help! Thank you so much!