How to make offline links

Hello, I have a little issue but I think it should be easy to fix for people who are better than me at using weflow !
Basically I’m doing a small site that I’m gonna us to showcase other projects, but the day i’ll need it I might not have an internet connection. So what I wanna do basically is a button inside my website that would redirect to an OFFLINE website that I would have on my computer. When I tried to put it in the link it wouldn’t work.
So I have my link with something like this inside : file:///C:/Users/MyName/Desktop/FolderOfTheproject/index.html

I’m not exactly sure how I can make this work so if anyone have an idea it’d be appreciated ! Thanks :slight_smile:

Webflow is probably trying to precede your link with “http://”.

To prevent that, add a backtick character in front of your link.

Read the secret #1 here :

Thanks for the link ! I tried it but unfortunately I must be doing something wrong.
So right now I wrote this `file:///C:/Users/MyName/Desktop/FolderOfTheproject/index.html
It doesn’t bug like before but just open a blank page. So I’m a bit confused.

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