How to make Navbar to stick to the second page on fullpage.js?

Hi I have two questions.
I am using Marsh ( Digital Mast) project and Alvaro_Trigo fullpage.js , Thanks to both of them.
First problem I have is , how can I make my nav bar to stick at the top after sliding in on the second page.
Next question is,
How can I make my “intro” class to re-appear when scrolling back up? it just appears when the page loads.(only once).
I spent hours reading but I can’t figure out .
I would appreciate any help.

See here please

1- Use position fixed for the navigation

I tried position fixed but it fixes to the first page, I want it to appear from the second page and after.

  • Add another class to the first section and set position: relative and z-index: 2
  • Set position: fixed to navigation and z-index:1
  • Remove scale property of the navigation from Scroll out of view animation

Thank you very much Haji_Khan_Keerio, it worked.