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How to make Navbar disappear once Hamburger is clicked


I’m new to Webflow and still learning my way around the platform, so my question might be dumb.

I love the way the Ueno’s navigation looks on Desktop when you click the Hamburger menu. When you click the Hamburger, it drops down from the top of the viewport, which is an effect I’m having trouble achieving. When I click the Hamburger menu on my own site, it drops down underneath the Nav Bar area, but I would love for it to be on top. I’ve messed around with z-index, but to no avail. Does anyone know how to achieve that effect?

I hope that makes sense. Thanks in advance!

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Hey @mattvaru

Welcome to Webflow! :grinning:

This forum post should help you How to create full screen mobile navigation that removes the body and etc?

All the best,

Thanks, that helps out a lot!

You’re very welcome, @mattvaru :+1:

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