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How to make my urls clean

Hello guys, i just made a SEO audit to my recently exported site and it comes my URLs are not clean, they finished with the .html so they’re not google friendly.

Is there a way to change this setting from webflow?

Thank you in advance

@christianedel Any solution to this? I am having the same issue on my exported websites.

Hey @christianedel, I’m curious to how you came to this conclusion? What tool did you use for the SEO audit? I’d imagine if the use of .html was bad practice, Webflow would know not to save pages this way on export.

I’m about to deliver my first project to a client made on Webflow but am exporting due to the client wanting to host with their original provider. I noticed all the files were saved with .html at the end also.

Whatever tool you are using for an audit is providing misleading / false information to you. There is nothing wrong with ANY extension on an html page as long as it can be crawled by bots and loaded in the browser.


This isn’t my area of expertise, but from my understanding you will need to serve a htaccess file on your web server. If you’re using a bucket type solution like S3 this might be more difficult. But my suggestion would be start looking at htacess to remove .html extensions.

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If you wan’t to … (only applies to exported self hosted on apache, nginx is just as easy).

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Thanks for your input @Thomas_92 @webdev

try using url shorten like or …

I am not an expert there should be no problem in using any extension on an html page. Which audit tool you have used?