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How to make my paragraph responsive

I’m new to webflow and when I tried making a paragraph and using the “mobile view” half of it cuts off. I put my paragraph within a container. Do I need to do anything else? I have a header inside the container and it scales prettyw ell.

Please make your site available with a public link and we can take a look to see what’s happening. Thanks.

Here it is! You can just click on the first project on top

Or on the pages menu, click on “capital one”

I’m very new to Webflow but I think it might work better if you make that Main Section like this:

Main section could be a SECTION. Inside that put a CONTAINER. Then inside the container put your H1 and PARAGRAPH. I would switch the width of the paragraph to 80% or so instead of the 800px setting it is now. You could also adjust the text size for each of the different breakpoints as needed.

I think this will help a bit!



Sorry for the late response. It looks like you have everything worked out now. When I clicked "Capital One, the mobile view I saw looked okay.

Let me know if you have any other questions about this.

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Thanks! I appreciate it!