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How to make modal window scroll down

Please go to page Dispute & Process Copy and see 3 tab menus.
There are New Dispute, Ongoing Dispute, and Closed Dispute. (Please click 3 dots detail icon on the right side of the lists and the new window pops up after you click)

The modal window shows okay on the first tab, New Dispute.
However, the problem is that the modal window is too long on the second and third tab which is Ongoing and Closed Dispute. It doesn’t show everything and cut in the middle . I can’t even scroll down. (Please click the 3 dots detail icon here, too)

The modal wrapper currently fixed and the modal window is inside the modal wrapper.

I need your response as soon as possible!! Thanks guys!!!

Maybe you’ve changed it since yesterday, cause I’m not getting the modal window at all under Ongoing and Closed Dispute. Because of this I can only guess, and my guess is that you need Overflow set to Auto or Scroll on the modal wrappers. Did you try that?

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