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How to make link to website in public profile?


In my Public Profile I get automaticly the adress, when I set the website Public. I would like to change that to a normal www. adres. Is that possible, even when you don’t publish it through webflow?

Already thanks for the answers.


Showcasing the websites we don’t host on Webflow, or the websites we’ve hand over to clients, is something that has been asked several time, and acknowledge by some of the Webflow team. I hope we’ll get this feature on the next update of the designers’ profiles.

That’s why I’ve done this: It’s a project to do minisites to showcase external work, so it can be presented and listed on our Weblow designer profiles.

You can see it in action here : +

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Thanks again @vincent, I feeled a kind of stupid that I could’nt link. But now I know that it just don’t work!

Wish you a nice day!

Grtzzz Corine

PS Probelbly I clone you’re showcase site, but now I have vacation… yeesss… beach and stuff…

I take no vacations this summer but…I was just at the beach for my lunch break :wink: Nice swim and picnic, I don’t think I need vacations ever again :wink:


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