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How to Make it Active !?

Hi There,

I am completing my client website and everything is ready to go but the issue I am running into is that my “Donate” ( Checkout ) button is not working. There was a billing issue initially which I took care of but the account is in “Pending” status rather than the Active mode. How do I fix that? How do I take it to active? I have reached out to the team at Webflow also but no response either. I am running into a deadline phase and I really need this site up and running today.

Please help me out!

Have you activated/paid the hosting plan?

yes. I have bought the plan for my client

Ok look correct to me. have you activated checkout in eCommerce setting?

Yes I have enabled the checkout as well. But the checkout button is not working only. How do I fix that ?

Are all steps om eCommerce activated? Is Payment set up, what payment Stripe or PayPal. Have you double checked that all Ecommerce option is set up

Yes. The green check mark is coming & says all sets completed for stepping it up

@Fatemac21 Do you have Skype and Tean Viewer? I realy would likte to se all of the setup.
Can’t been se in the preview link