How to make elements in my dynamic list appear based on calendar date

I have successfully used collections to create a blog for my client. I’m now attempting to create an allergen page that displays the current allergen(s) of the season as well as then show blog posts associated with the current allergen.

I’ve created a collection for allergens such as Mold Spores, Ragweed, Cedar, Oak, Elm, etc. When creating a blog post, my client can add a multi-reference tag for what allergens may be associated with that post. This is working just fine.

I also have a page I’ve created for allergens.

In my allergen collection, I’ve included a start field and an end date field.

I’m tyring to set my filters in my dynamic list to correctly display the allergens that fall within the start and end dates.

I’m reaching out for help to navigate the filters settings.

You can try adding two filters,

  1. From Start Date to 365 days in the future, and
  2. From End Date to 365 days in the past.

Thanks samliew for the suggestion. None of them show when I do this. :frowning:

Okay, that shouldn’t work. I read it as From Start Date to 365 days in the future,
but it would be If Start Date is anytime between today to 365 days in the future

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