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How to make Dropdown Navlink be a working link


I have a few dropdowns in my nav menu. I want that when clicked, it will go to the root of the dropdown list. Ie, in the example below, clicking on Books, will go the the books index page that I have.

How can I do that? Do I need custom code?


Yoram Aharon

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You need to put a link block inside - you’ll have to re-style it as you can see.

Thanks @JoeMillion!
Works Great!
G-d Bless :smile:

No problemo. I’d also look at bringing the navigation out of the header. It seems a bit odd the way you have it underneath the date and title containers.

How do you mean, because I want it to be in the header sysbol that i have on every page…

I see what you have done. I would personally have the navigation and the header as individual symbols. That way you’re not bound to using the header every time - maybe that is what you want to do, but it gives you that extra flexibility and keeps things simple.

OK, thanks for the tip. It’s good to consider…
Good Luck

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