How to make different website versions for Android and iOS

Hey everyone! :wave:

My team and I were working on project with a few ‘advanced’ stuff regarding animations and interactions. We noticed that the website performance was much different depending on which mobile device was used (which totally makes sense). We also noticed that iOS performed better than Android.

Then, we checked some of the Apple’s website pages that have a lot of animations and interactions and concluded that they have a different version for android (simpler, less heavy on the animations) and iOS (full experience).

I’d think that this is not possible in Webflow but… The website that is was shown first in “Made in Webflow” section on Webflow official website has different Android and iOS versions. Support confirmed it and said that it’s not native (which I knew) and closed the ticked because they can’t help me with that.

Here’s the website I’m talking about: Arqitel - Webflow

Test it yourself and you’ll see that animations are different on android and iOS.

Does anyone know how to do this in Webflow? How to make the same page appear different on different mobile OS, with lighter stuff on Android and more heavy on iOS?