How to make default using AWS


I want to make the default domain as instead of
i setup the A record to webflow ip addresses.
i setup the cname record to the webflow proxy address.

When i switch webflow default domain to i get an error of to many redirects.

I am using AWS route53 tool to manage my dns.

Webflow support keep telling me to move my dns hosting to cloudflare but i can’t and i want to keep it on AWS route53.

My question is, do you know how to make default using AWS services ?

Thank you very very much for your help.

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Did you ever get this resolved?

I’m in the same boat…we just ported over a massive website but the company uses AWS route53. Moving dns providers isn’t an option. The current website is at so moving to a www version is definitely far from idea.

The confusing part is that on wpengine we are able to use Route53 to have ssl at the root level, so I don’t understand why this seems problematic on webflow.

Any update or pointers welcome,


Any news here?

I’m having the same issue, curently engaging with Webflow support. While it works with a test domain and Cloudflare, I would really stick with Route53 for the real domain.

Would be a first bitter taste for moving to Webflow.

@thomykay - There really is only really one option if you want to stay on Route53. Host the site on www or another subdomain. Technically a proxy server could be spun up that reverse proxied the www subdomain but you may run into issues with certificate renewal on the Webflow site.

I’m a bit confused here as well. This works great using SiteGround/Wordpress. Just came over to Webflow. Why isn’t having the root be default not supported?

It’s because Webflow’s hosting infrastructure is configured in such a way with AWS/Fastly/etc that requests need to resolve to a dynamic address.

Therefore, the default domain for your project needs to resolve to (via a CNAME/ALIAS/ANAME Record): Set root domain as default domain | Webflow University

As Jeff mentions above, if need be - you could connect a subdomain to your Webflow project and then reverse proxy it to serve the site on the root domain if needed :pray:. But keep in mind that while possible, it is not officially supported by Webflow for non-Enterprise customers.

In the same boat. Super surprised there isn’t a clear example of how to achieve this in the simplest possible manner within AWS.

I.E Can this be sorted using an AWS Cloudfront distribution, a lambda, …???

@webdev you seem very across this stuff - feel this will help a lot of people…

Sorry for the necro but since I’ve just figured out how to do this and saw that there wasn’t a solution reached on this thread, I’d add my tidbit:

  1. First, update your Route 53 like so…

  2. Then make sure the WWW version is set to default
  3. Republish …

That’s all :grimacing:

Hey Frank, in your configuration your www. subdomain is the default.
I think the thread was originally about getting route 53 to support a naked domain, e.g. as the default, however Webflow requires DNS providers to support CNAME flattening in this case.

I don’t know route 53’s setup so, not sure if that’s possible. But if you do find a way, please add that too! Someone will benefit for certain.