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How to make custom Seasonal Themes without using backups/clone/sites/redirects

What is the easiest solution to:


  1. Original Site
  2. Make Christmas Theme of Original Site
  3. Make New Years Theme of Original Site
  4. revert back to Original Site


Is there a way we can do this?

My current way is making
combo classes then HIDING them or Deleting them manually. But it’s kind of a pain. Is there a solution that’s easy like on Wordpress Holiday theme switcher with one click??

If I was doing this, I would create the main (HOME) page for those off season times. I would also create other main (HOME) pages for on season times. Just make HOME that page when it’s time and revert back to the main off season. I suppose it’s possible to make it automatic switching by date(s).

Only a few more weeks, better get clicking…