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How to make custom menu

I’m trying to create a character menu for my client and I have an issue.
I have to add more character to this menu and I want to create an arrow for the buttons below to see other characters. How can I accomplish this?

I illustrated this issue like that:

Read-only link: Webflow - HeroesOfCrypto

I appreciate all the answers!

Well just add 2 divs
1st in at the beginning of the list of layers inside the parent block
2nd at the end of the list of layers inside the parent block

And then put arrows inside divs

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If you want to make the working animation it’s possible but so time consuming, better just mention it to the developer who will be setting up the js code for it

Thanks for the reply. I guess it’ll OK for me. But I have another problem.
Although there are 4 more buttons on the left, I cannot scroll to that side. But I can scroll for right side buttons.

I fixed this issue myself. I just changed justified position to “start”.

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