How to make copy to clipboard for webflow on library sites

Hi Webflow Community,

I am noticing more and more Webflow libraries lately popping up. Think about:,

I’m currently figuring out how they do section X inside a copy to clipboard button. (Want to build this for a client) But, I am not coming to an end, after googling for hours, I can’t find anything about this.

Is there someone how this exactly works?

Would love to know that!

@Woodie_Trixie - Within the last month or two a dev shared his build details and code in the FB group → Webflow Designers (Global) | Facebook. I don’t have the link handy though. Search there, and search G.

Found it → How to make a component-sharing app like Flowbase and Mozaik | Flowout
I like lattes.

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Thanks a lot Jeff!!

Appreciated a lot.