How to make Cookie Cutter Div Z-1 Blocks?

How do you make Cookie Cutter Div Blocks as follows:

–Main Section Z+0
---- Main Container
------ Main Container Content
–Cookie Cutter Div Block Z+1
---- Cookkie Cutter Full Screen
------Cookie Cutter negative Z-(minus)1 A
------Cookie Cutter negative Z-1 B
------Cookie Cutter negative Z-1 C
------Cookie Cutter negative Z-1 D
------Cookie Cutter negative Z-1 E

Where each Cookie Cutter negative Z-1 allows user to interact hover / click on Main Section / Main Contain / Main Content at the Z-1 injection points?

@miekwave, hi there, not sure where you are going with this? What type of data (text, imgs, etc.) will be in these custom div blocks?

Also, you can only go -1 once within a set number of upper level hierarchy elements within Webflow.

Could you build out your basics and then share the link here?