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How to make button behave responsively in navbar?

I want to add a button along with my nav links. I made one and gave it the same settings as the default links.

However, after resizing the screen and pressing the menu button, I get this:

Are buttons supported in navbars?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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It would help if you could share your read-only link so that we have access to the designer. But to my knowledge buttons should work just like any other element. It likely has something to do with the parent container, or the width/height properties.

The NavBar comes with a mobile “hamburger” menu, is this what you’re talking about? If you want to maintain the same design across multiple devices, it’d be easier to create your own navigation panel using a series of divs.

Yeah basically I want the button I added to behave like the navlinks after the hamburger menu appears. As of now, the button stays in the middle horizontally while everything else goes left, despite having the same styling.

Hi @msolonko.

It happens because your NAVLINKS are display BLOCK.

And your button is INLINE-BLOCK

To solve the problem you can click on NAV MENU and set ALIGN LEFT

Please tell me if it is what you need, I am here to help.

Eve Kayser