How to make an image centered using the "size" parameter

Hi! Please tell me how to make when using the parameter “size” in the interaction, the image itself was put in the center? I need to when I put 80 80 vw and vh, respectively, the section was in the center, not the side. Without the use of the parameter “movement”, as this interaction, and the parameter “movement” will ruin this interaction. I’ve already tried all the settings. And without using the Scale parameter, because I need a parallax effect, and the scale parameter just reduces that image.

I need as here:

ready online link:

Only use width, don’t add height to photo elements. Use 80vw, or whatever you choose. However, another way is to use a Div and control the width there, then add overflow: hidden to the Div.

Thank you, @garymichael1313 It really helped, thanks (way with a div). But there is a small nuance, which is that the image is enlarged only from two sides (bottom and right). And the parallax effect is obtained… defective. Two sides increase, creating the effect of parallax, and the other two are static. It looks terrible. Is it possible to center the image so that the parallax effect arises from all sides of the image?

What size is the photo?