How to make an animation navbar

Hey there!
I was wondering,
how can you make a navbar animation like this example?
Thanks in advance!

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Create DivWrapper under the NavBar Menu with "Overflow Hidden).
Create another Div (DiveLine) inside DivWrapper and use its bottom as Border - in the border menu select the style (“thik”“dash” etc).
Now add to DivLine some interaction (move to right 120px). Hope thats help you, I will attach A video guide later on

Im very new to webflow.
Im creating my portfolio so I would probably wait to the video guide.
Thanks for the reply!


I’ve created small project with this menu - so you can clone it. Hope it helps you :slight_smile:

You are amazing! Thanks.

how do i clone it?
Thanks btw
And if you are willing to do me solid maybe i can give you my share link for you to edit it out?
if its too much just tell me how do i clone it.

Share Your read only link and thousands of people will push their elbows to help you :slight_smile:

There you go fine man.

You are the man! Say should i make the navbar from scratch or try and modify the exsiting one? Thanks btw

BTW i cant find F_containr on the class section.
what should i do in this case?

Basically I think You should stick with the NavBar, work great! I’m not sure you’ll be able to implement the example I created… :slight_smile: