How to make adaptable headers

I need to have “adaptable headers” that change when on different pages. I have linked an example below that can help give that idea. I need it to change when someone is viewing a different college.

Webflow - Adthlete(basically a sketch)

Hi there - do you mean each college page has a different header background image/content?

Yes. If the only option is to manually go in and make a different page then it is what it is.

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No worries - and just to check also sorry, is this something you want dynamically (i.e. is each school going to be within a ‘schools’ collection)?

You could setup a header class, style this up (i.e. height, heading etc) then add an additional class after this (i.e. school name) and then manually set the image/background image for each school (would carry across the height etc. from the original class).

Alternatively, could specify the image in a collection then tell the heading to get pulled from this if using collections.