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How to make a video slider?

Is it possible to integrate videos into a slider (vimeo embed)? Will it work responsively, on all devices?

It sure is @LaurentCardinal! Just drop the video element into a slide element. By default the slides are 300px hight, but if you set the height of the slider element to “auto” then it will automatically shape to the height of the contents inside the slides (in the case of videos it will always be proportional to the video).

Hope this helps!

Hey @thesergie thanks! I can easily put a video now. The only thing though, with the vimeo player, the play button is on the left side, right under the Arrow for slider. So the user cannot press play. Is there anyway to disable the “back” navigation on the player?

Thanks a lot!

There are several ways you can customize the arrows. If the video is the first slide, you can select “Hide Arrows on Ends”. You can also add classes to the arrows and add a negative margin to move the arrows outside of the slider. Or you can just remove the arrows. Up to you.

Cool! Took out the left arrow and it solved the problem! Thanks a lot @thesergie!!!

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