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How to make a section or lightbox image scrollable

Hi guys, I’m just posting one more time, because their was a typo in my subject line, and maybe - just maybe - that contributed to the lack of responses. So one last time, in case:
I have to put a few very long web pages into my portfolio, but would rather not make people scroll through them if it’s not necessary. Is it possible to make some kind of container for them that can be scrolled separately so it doesn’t take as much vertical space on the page? Or, better yet, to make the lightbox images scrollable? Right now they are made to fit into the viewport, which makes the details way to small to see.

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Screenshot 2021-02-02 194719

Thanks iDATUS. I’m assuming this applied if you set a max height to some kind of container? Is this function available in the lightbox as well?

It works if there is content larger than the div etc its in.
So you could scroll the website page and then move your mouse over the div of interest and scroll that.
Well that what I think you are after and where I would start.
I only know default light box, it will have elements you can control via embed but that would be for now outside my remit.