How to make a job ads website?

Hi everyone,

If you had to make a job ads website (ex:
Could you make it in webflow with the help of a contracted/hired developer?
For the dev, which languages would be best to work with?
Should you display the ads with cms or use a third party service?
Which third party service?


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With a Webflow CMS hosting, you can:

  • have a database of ads
  • have up to 3 editors adding ads (and they all access everything, no role limitation)
  • have a search engine search for ads
  • have lists of ads by categories, pages by categories

You can’t:

  • have anyone open an account and add ads
  • have a free tag/vocabulary system and be able to filter on it

If you hire a developer for missing parts, he should master Javascript. He’ll then chose an external solution for potential user system and other advanced features.


@ColibriMedia If you plan on working with a Agency/Contractor I would recommend creating an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or basic model of how the site will function within Excel, list out all requirements, and specific features exactly how you want them completed by your contractor/agency, this is called a Spec and will help the contractor get up to speed at which point they can help you fine tune the spec/requirements.

The contractor you hire can design the entire site directly within the Webflow Designer, making sure the UX matches the functionality and specs you’ve outlined. After the front-end design is complete and you’ve finalized it in Webflow, you will have a front-end MVP of the Web App. Export the front-end code from Webflow straight out of the designer and develop the back-end environment & CMS for the Web Application. I’d recommend building this on a Ruby or Angular back-end.

Once you are finished with these steps you should have a great starting point and hopefully a successful web app which you will continuously improve upon.


Huge thanks to both of you, @vincent and @Scott_Van_Zandt.

I’ve got the answers I was looking for, so targeted skills will be JS and Angular if bigger jobs come through.
I wished I had started delving into code when I was 10 Years old. I tried learning JS when I was 16 but was not armed for that. I think code is something you can pick up if you start being passionate about it super early.

Anyway, thanks heaps.

Super valuable advices from @Scott_Van_Zandt here, on how to prevent a development project to escape your control.

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No Problem @ColibriMedia :slight_smile: Reach out if you have any other questions.

Great bullet point run down of what is possible and what is not possible within Webflow in response to this question @vincent

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