How to make a fixed background header with remaining sections scroll over the top


I am trying to create a fixed background header image and then have the remaining content scroll over the top of it (so it looks like the curved green section moves up over the background image). I have tried turning my header section into a fixed element but lots of the remaining content disappears when I then scroll (only some of the text stays on top). I feel like there should be quite a simple solution… does anyone know how to achieve this?

(link below)
Thank you!

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hi @Laurence_Dorrington you need to set your bg image to fixed .You can also set no-repeat

CleanShot 2022-12-10 at 10.52.41

PS: you have two bg images home-section-header and in home-section-header-image but you need only one.

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Ah I see, the image should be fixed in the background settings panel not in the main position panel. Thank you!