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How to make a donate button?

Is there a way to have a button setup as a donation button that is linked to a stripe account?

It would be nice for it to work similar to the way the “Give” button works on this squarespace page:

Thanks in advance for the help!

Rather ask the question on Stripes’ side. Maybe there is a way to generate code for such a button. In general, you build a payment system on Stripes’ side, and use the generated code in a Webflows’ custom code widget.

@vincent Thanks for the suggestion. I sent an email to support and am waiting to here back.

@zachjarr If it doesn’t work out going through Stripe directly, Foxy integrates with Stripe and nearly 100 other payment gateways and alternate payment methods. With Foxy, you’ll be able to offer one-time and recurring donation options. Donation buttons can be setup in minutes, with no programming experience needed. You can learn more here: Please let us know if we can help with anything at all.


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