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How to make a different page the homepage?

I need to promote a different page in my project to the “homepage” however it doesn’t seem to let me demote or transfer the existing homepage status in anyway. Any ideas?

How come? In the page settings, you have an icon to make it the home page. The page has to be at the root, not in a subfolder. It’s not possible at all to make a subpage the homepage. You can freely move the page you want to the root of the sites, you will get a warning, and all the links will be adapted.

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Ok, thanks. That was indeed the problem. I had everything in folders which rendered the home button as disabled. After moving the page out of the folder, I could promote it to home page status. (I get the idiot award today!) :wink:

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Don’t you dare, today’s idiot award is for me: I totally uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome + created a new user session because of a so called “cache” issue. But I wasn’t testing on the good page :smiley: … And 45 minutes to realize that is a good 44 too many minutes right?