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How to loop an animation but "reset" it after each loop?

I currently have an animation that moves an element down and I want it to reset and repeat/

With code, I can do something like:
animation: ‘animationName’ .3s infinite

Which would repeat the animation over and over again.

But with webflow, the animation seems to animate itself “resetting” when instead, I would just like it to instantly reset without any animations.

What I have:

animation: -> ->
animation resetting: <- <-

What I want:

animation: -> ->
animation resetting: <------ ( this moves back instantly without any transitions/animations )

IX Actions can be set to 0s (zero seconds), they also can hide elements that need to be moved elsewhere. So you can hide, move, show. It means that the start of your animation should be a show, so it will nicely loop.


So I tried what you recommended.

The first move moves, moves my arrows to y = 0 and it is instant

Then I show the arrows

Then I move the arrows

Then I hide the arrows.

With this, the animation blinks for the milliseconds inbetween where I hide and show.
Is there a way around this?