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How to lock one page (Not to be affected by other page)?

l am using Flatkit template. l have just finished editing 1 page, then l move to the other. When l go back to view the edited page, the item position were changed. Does the section/block/ container affects each other in different page? what can l do to fix the position of all item? Thank you for helping new user. :wink:

Hey @Wuncy8888,

I don’t have access to this template so I’ll take a wild guess that your element is set as a ‘symbol’.

Symbols turn any element and its children into a reusable component. Any changes made to an instance of a symbol will update all instances of that symbol across your project. This is especially useful for recurring elements like navbars, footers, or signup sections—instead of updating every instance of these elements one at a time for each page, a symbol allows you to make one change that will affect all instances at once.

Right-click on the element and select ‘unlink’.

If this doesn’t resolve your issue then please provide your public share link.

All the best,