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How to load all images from a single product in an ecommerce product page? (for each product)

Lightbox and slider gallery coming along nicely, and need some help for the finishing touches!

So far this is what I have: an image gallery for the products this page sells, but the problem now is webflow only allows me to load the “main image”, so it groups the main images of each product into an array and loads them into the gallery. All products have the same images now because they all share the same component which is being fed in this way.

I cloned from this gallery from this project which was the closest match to my objective:

What I need: I need the gallery to load images from the product that is being displayed. Each product has 3 or 4 images saved inside its item info in the Products section of the ecommerce section.

How can I do this?

All of the custom code that was used is available in the project that I cloned so it’s fairly easy to take a look.