How to link to section (#) on home page?


How do I link a page to a section with an ID # on my home page? is the home, the section is #play

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Type /#play as the URL?

Thank you for replying!


[Yes, this is all within Link Setting > URL ]

Tried & /#play

First gives me 404 error, second takes me nowhere.

#play is the only thing that works, but it only works when I’m on the same page is not valid. Did you mean

The following should work:

Absolute URL:

Relative URL:


What did you mean by “takes me nowhere”?

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I swear I miss the littlest things! It works! You saved me. :slight_smile:

Hello Again Sam!,

I’m now getting this issue doing the following steps:

  1. Click on the “Play” button from my “About” page
  2. Get led to play section on home page
  3. Scroll up to home page nav
  4. Click “Play” on home page nav
  5. Webflow still thinks I have a “www” even though I am using ``` so I receive a 404 error.

For some reason, this is only happening when I do the above steps ^^

Nevermind, fixed the issue. I deleted the navigation bar symbol and then re-created it, and it seems to work now,