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How to link staggered loaded images?

I got this to work, but now trying to add in links.
(Just waiting for properly sliced up image without text so it doesn’t look so ugly)

I tried adding in a link box, placing the image within the link box, then applying locations to the link box. It worked for the first two images but for some utterly bizarre reason, the 3rd image, was ‘shrunk’ to the size of the link box. I tried recreating that linked box a few ways (delete/re-do, copy another/swap image) and no matter what I did, the 3rd image was always smaller and not it’s original size.

I tried just adding linked text, but was unable to figure out how to place the text over the images without using absolute positioning, but that meant the text was always there. Couldn’t see how to make it relative to the container/section.

So, what suggestions does anyone have for this?

Ok, so I figured out how to add in a text link, but now my problem is that the DIV blocks are overlapping and “blocking” some parts of some links.

In the attached image, you will see the 'Li" of Listings not covered by a separate div block. This is causing an issue where if you hover over any other part of the word, you can’t actually slick on it.

Well, after fiddling around with ‘relative position’ and z-index, I can hover over all the sections and click on them. Whew…this is a pretty complicated setup.

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