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How to link lightboxes with other light boxes in a group

I made 9 thumbnails of lightboxes and filled out a group name at the first one, but when I go to the second one and check the box, it doesn’t refer to the group name I already filled out.

Am I missing something, how do u link the light boxes together.

sharing link to the designer:

here is a pic where I made the group:

here is the pic of the second light box, but no option for linking to the first one:

Hi there @Aimanisms, make sure to check the Link with other lightboxes checkbox AND give each lightbox the same group name. See my video:

I hope this helps :slight_smile: Cheers, Dave

@cyberdave This solved it. It was also because at the second element, when I pressed link, it didn’t pop up as an option, or even recognized the group name I put in. Which it does do, when you do in page linking with id’s. So that is what threw me off.

But the lightbox family works and it looks beautiful :D.

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Cool @Aimanisms, you make a good point on that, I thinks that we should take a look at making that better understood. Thanks a lot for the feedback :smile: Cheers, Dave