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How to link images + interaction not working


  1. There are 3 images i would like to have link over to a different website.
    How do i do that?

I tried dragging my image into a link block, but then the link block caused the image to dissapear.
You can see that in the attached image.
You can check out my website in this preview link:

  1. Is there any way to make these slider dots smaller, so they are not so big?

  2. I gave the 3 social media icons in my menu bar, an interaction; where they get bigger upon hover.
    That interaction is not happening, even though it is applied to the social media icons.
    Can you dive into my website and see what’s happening?

Forum link:

Thank you.,


Your linkblock style is set to hidden in the settings so it will disappear if you try to add anything into it since it is set to display:none. I suggest creating a new link block class and styling it as you want with the image inside it or making sure that the link block style you’ve already made is set to something other than display:none.

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